Hull Insurance:

Hull insurance is the insurance against loss caused by damage or destruction of waterborne craft or aircraft to the owner. It is the insurance of the ship which includes all the articles and pieces of furniture in the ship. Hull and machinery insurance are done to protect the ship owner and investment in the ship. It is a property insurance which covers the ship itself, the machinery and equipment. If the ship is damaged, the owner of the ship gets indemnity from the insurance company. This type of marine insurance is usually, taken out by the owner of the ship in order to avoid any loss of the ship in case of any mishaps occurring.

Cargo Insurance

The goods sent through waterway is known as cargo. Cargo insurance is also called marine cargo insurance. It covers physical damage or loss of your goods while in transit by land, sea, and air. It also offers considerable opportunities and cost advantages if managed correctly. It is insured by the owner and insurance of goods shipped through waterways is known as cargo insurance. If the cargo is ruined, the owner gets the indemnity from the insurance company.

Freight insurance

To transfer the goods from one port to another, the amount paid to the owner of the ship is called freight. The payment of such freight can be made in two ways: either in advance or after the ship reaches its destination safely. Freight insurance offers and provides protection to merchant vessels’ corporations. It stands for the chance of losing money in the form of freight, in case the cargo is lost due to the ship meeting in an accident. This type of marine insurance solves the problem of companies losing money because of a few unprecedented events and accidents occurring.

Marine Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is that type of marine insurance where compensation is bought to provide any liability occurring on account of a ship crashing or colliding. In the course of the marine adventure, one ship may collide with another ship. The goods of another ship may lose. Marine insurance provides the compensation of such liabilities nowadays if insurance has made insurance of such liabilities. A crew member traveling with expensive items, such as laptop computers, gold watches etc. should make sure that he has such items separately insured.